About Us

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LOGO - GYNestDivert is a family run business that has been set up by the inventor of the NestDivert product, James. James has been a Technology and Design teacher for the last 9 years. This has given him the knowledge and expertise in many areas which has contributed to the success of NestDivert.

Invest Northern Ireland of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment recognised the potential in NestDivert and quickly got on board to bring this product to market. With NestDivert Invest NI were very happy to provide James with help to bring his invention further forward and introduce him to a wealth of expertise.stop birds nests prevent birds nesting buy now

With many other similar inventions in the pipeline by James, his product list will be forever growing. Like NestDivert any other products that he brings to market will adhere to the principles of helping ‘Divert’ bird nesting to other suitable places without causing harm to the bird.