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NestDivert is the easy to install, discreet, harmless, versatile, cheap, bird nesting prevention system. Nest Divert prevents house martins and swallows from landing and building on typical nesting areas under the eaves of domestic and commercial properties. It is a versatile bird nest deterrent that can be easily fitted to all types of eave and soffit.

Nest Divert will….

  • Stop House Martins and Barn Swallows nesting
  • Stop birds nesting in eaves
  • Stop birds nesting behind downpipes and guttering
  • Stop birds from making your home, their home
  • Stop all unsightly mess
  • Stop noise pollution of nesting birds
  • Stop the need for unsightly, ineffective deterrents

Stop house martins and swallows building nests now before its too late….install Nest Divert today!