Easy to follow instructions on how to install the 'Flat' NestDiverts


  • NestDivert instantly prevents birds from landing on all nesting areas under the eaves of buildings
  • The design of the NestDivert works with all roof angles (flat or angled).
  • Discreet, almost impossible to see
  • 2 x 264mm in length (Total length 528mm per box)
  • Manufactured from acrylic
  • Weatherproof
  • Does not yellow in colour in the sunlight like PETG, polycarbonate and rust like steel
  • No need for any tools, screws or brackets, secures  in seconds and lasts a lifetime.

Installs in Seconds…Lasts a Lifetime

  • Discreet (near impossible to see)

  • Very easy installation (peel away protective tape and push into place)

  • Manufactured from clear, transparent, UV protected and non-corrosive material (will not damage the exterior of your home by way of rust of chemicals)