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Some reviews we have received from our product testers and customers so far

“I found this product very easy to install & the adhesive strip is strong, especially when attaching to uPVC eaves. As per the product description it is very discrete when in place & not obvious to the naked eye unless you are looking for it from ground level(installed on a 2 story house). One mistake I did make when installing one of the NestDiverts was not to allow some space between the wall of the house & the NestDivert, e.g. a 4-6 inch gap. Unfortunately the swallows around my house appear to have a Degree in Civil Engineering as they were able to start constructing a nest around the fingers of the NestDivert & the top edge of a window just below…….re-positioning the NestDivert a few inches away from the wall of the house appears to have solved this problem.  Another thing to consider is that you’ll probably need a couple of these installed side by side in order to stop the birds from building a nest in a given area of your house/building……birds aren’t easily fooled & will move to beside the NestDivert if there is room to start building a new nest. Luckily the product is discrete enough so that even if you install 4 or 5 side by side it’s still a neat solution for what can otherwise result in a dirty eyesore on your home!”
Gary, Wexford
“Last year I purchased 2 nestdivert products. They have been totally successful in deterring house martins from nesting on the eaves of our home. I will be ordering 4 more.”
Heather, Enniskillen

“I am happy to recommend Nest Direct and the service your company offer.  I had a problem with the installation and your company were excellent at providing a solution.
Not only did you send out replacement tape, but in order to ensure we had a working set, sent out a replacement.”

Evelyn, Dumfries and Galloway


“purchased a couple of these recently, very easy to fit, discreet and totally effective”

K. Crossgar Co.Down

“Just wanted to say what a fantastic product! So easy to install and discreet.
First time in 3 years that my house will be nest free and better still clean!
I wish you every success with your business.”

A. Co. WexFord


” the nest divert stopped house martins building in the eave of my garage where they have built for last 5 years ( the blighters have however been attempting to build at numerous other locations under the facia board/ soffit of the house itself! Excellent product, I purchased one for under the apex at rear of my garage and for the first time in 5 years I am nest free! Swift delivery, well packaged, and very easy installation with the double sided tape provided. Plus you can’t see the Nest Divert when fitted which is another bonus. Highly recommended deterent.”

S. from Newry Co.Down


“I was lucky enough to be approached by James to test out his product. It was clearly evident to him that I had a serious problem with House Martins nesting at the front of my house as it was a complete eyesore. I have tried a lot of different things every year to stop the birds building their nests but I couldn’t find anything that worked. Three NestDiverts were installed at the three nesting sites at the front of the house. The NestDiverts looked the part…well what I could see of them as they are practically invisible once installed. That first spring after installing the NestDiverts I noticed the birds back, they spent a bit of time flying around my house but not one bit of nest building. I am now into my third year of having these installed and still they have done the job. I have never seen a product like this before and I highly recommend to everyone that NestDivert does the job.

Thanks James for stopping with me that day in 2013, you wont have to see me up that ladder cleaning/painting the front anymore.” – Jim McHugh

“As part of a product testing group I had the opportunity to try out this product. I had already tried out the plastic bag and CD approach to stopping the birds from nesting over my front door and bedroom window but to no avail. The first thing I loved about NestDivert was its ease of installing it to the soffit. I didn’t have to worry about bringing loads of things up the ladder with me, all I had to do was to make sure that the soffit was clean and dry. You can peel off the protective cover before going up the ladder and I pushed it into place. The NestDivert did not have to be held in place as the tape sets right away. I give my thumbs up to NestDivert and congratulate them on bringing this product to us as I have found nothing that can rival it as a nest deterrent for House Martin birds.

I know it already states on the box the benefits of NestDivert but I feel I need to point out my positives.

  • Ease of installation, no need for screws and tools
  • The NestDivert has been made from clear acrylic which leaves it very hard to see (my neighbours cant see it at all).
  • The tape is pre-applied and is very easy to work with. I have used other tapes before and accidently stuck them to myself but this tape only sets when pushed in place
  • It is very affordable at £13, as a persons home is usually the biggest purchase/investment in their lifetime I would happily pay more for this product
  • Not like other products on the market NestDivert will not harm the bird and I believe their strap line really does portray this ‘The ETHICAL way to divert bird nests’.
  • As its weather resistant and UV stable it goes further than most products as it should never need replaced” – John Faukner

“I have only got this installed two weeks ago. When my grandson came into the house to say he was done fitting them I thought he was joking. He was so quick and I know my eyesight may not be the best but I can not see them at all. I see the birds have arrived but have not built on my house to date. If things change (I am confident they will not) I will let you know. I am glad that I found your write-up in the newspaper. An excellent product” –Mary O’Hara

We will continue to add more customer testimonials as we receive them. If you are a customer who has already received and installed NestDivert and would like to leave your own feedback please Contact Us

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